Thursday, June 22, 2017

Vilanowa Palace, Warsaw

June 21st

This Polonia Palace has a superior buffet breakfast which even includes shot glasses of vodka with the coffee and whole baked apples.

So we were ready to go when Karolina came at 9. Her small Honda  is very satisfactory as it has a jump seat and the three of us can sit side by side in the front. We drove to Vilanowa Palace on the outskirts of Warsaw. The baroque palace was built by King John lll Sobieski in the last quarter of the 17th C. and in spite of Poland's complicated history including the abolishing of the monarchy in 1795 and more than one partitioning  of Poland and two World Wars the palace and its extensive gardens has survived. It  was originally opened as a museum in 1805.
The scene of devastation around the Polonia Palace in 1945.
 The hotel today
Breakfast buffet including baked apples.
More goodies
Vodka or Freidrich Chopin 'champagne' with your coffee.
A wing of the Vilanowa Palace.
Rather superior garden seats.
 A very fine equestrian portrait of Stanislaw Potocki by Jacques Louis David painted in 1781.
Beautiful furniture.
The King's bed.
 17thC tapestry wallpaper.
Elaborate cornice
Delicate ceiling painting.

 After World War ll the palace was used by the government to accommodate world leaders. This bed had to be lengthened for Charles de Gaulle.
One of the stone floors
Our lovely and expert guide,Karolina.
Charles de Gaulle striding out in Warsaw today (near our hotel).

In the morning we fly to Helsinki to connect with our flight back to Australia and this blog will once more go into hibernation.


  1. A little tipple of vodka with a splash of champagne, what a way to start the day. Safe travels back home, have loved following your holiday. Catch up soon.

  2. Baked apple for brecky sounds pretty good! I think that would be very nice on a cold morning.

  3. That floor - inner city block. I've not long finished a hand pieced quilt using this block. Hmm. Vodka for breakfast. Wonder how that would shape the day?