Monday, June 19, 2017

Torun, Poland

June 18th

Yesterday we caught the Intercity train from Gdansk to Torun. The Polish train was much more modern than the Budapest to Bucharest one we travelled on two years ago.

Torun is on the Vistula River and was an important trading centre and a member of the Hanseatic League in the 13th, 14th and15thC. The Teutonic Knights made Torun their headquarters but their castle is now in ruins. Torun escaped bombing during the Second World War and so its medieval buildings are original rather than reconstructions.
Bread stall in the street market


Polish people appear very fond of strolling but maybe it is only on summer weekends 
and in between sitting and drinking beer in the pavement cafes.
 Another market stall.
Even a bicycle cafe.
And surveying it all is Copernicus himself.
This is the house where Copernicus is reputed to have been born. His father was a wealthy copper merchant.
Other substantial merchant houses. 

 The leaning tower, part of the 13thC city walls. The top is 1.5m out of line.
Typical merchant mark, which had to be recognisable by illiterate people
Detail of the decoration in the cathedral.
The donkey is not as friendly as you might think. It has a ridge along its back and the court might order you to be tied on its back for a period of time.
The female guardian angel of Torun.
The Frog fountain. Legend has it that there was a plague of frogs and a skillful violinist played and the frogs followed him all the way to France. The frogs stayed in France (to be eaten) and the violinist returned to a hero's welcome in Torun.
A modern Teutonic knight acts as a tour guide.
Our room has 7 lights and only 4 switches. Although each switch has 4 possibilities we could not work out how to turn the desk light off even with the cryptic instructions provided!


  1. The fresh bread looks good. I would be hopeless trying to work out the lights.

  2. The market stalls look very inviting. Love the frog legend, but the poor frogs!

  3. I like how the merchant's houses are all front.